Got any Questions? Feel free to ask and I'll try to answer (my email address is at the bottom of the page).

Historically, here's some of the more popular questions I've been asked.

What exactly is the point of this website?

Excellent question. I don't know. Part of me just likes documenting what I do, and part of me sympathises with teenagers in Taiwan who just want their daily fix of Ben Whishaw or Benedict Cumberbatch. Every now and then I can meet that burning need, which is something.

Also, as at =(now), I'm not selling anything yet.... but Why do you ask? Are you buying?

How Much Money Do I Make?

From photographing at premieres? None directly. I used to sell my photos via Redbubble as framed artworks and/or greeting cards. I made a couple of dollars doing that. (And this is not code for "half of the lamborghinis I drive came from the sale of works on redbubble"). Which is to say... I have a 9-5ish regular day-job and this pays my bills. The photography doesn't.

Why Do You Do It?

Because, broadly, it's challenging and fun. I like photography and I like movies and it's kind of great that I can combine the two, and it doesn't cost me anything except time, bad weather, and occasionally getting pushed/jostled by fans. Plus I continue to be single - I'm not answerable to anyone how I spend my time (this kind of attitude may also explain why I'm single).

Who's the most famous person you've photographed?

Steven Spielberg - and I put down the camera to get an autograph once I'd photographed him. Also James Cameron - he directed my favourite movie (no, not Avatar), and I put down the camera to get his autograph too. The Queen - she was at a Royal Premiere once. Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino at the same premiere. Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson - and Charlize Theron signed a photo I took of her at one premiere at another premiere (and so did Quentin Tarantino). I'm still waiting on Scarlett Johansson to sign my photo of her (ditto Nicole Kidman). Across some 250 premieres and close to a dozen Awards ceremonies I've managed to photograph a lot of people.

And some people continue to elude me. Ryan Gosling is one. Jackie Chan is another. I love film scores, but film score composers usually don't go to premieres. Hans Zimmer does and he's great. John Williams doesn't and that's a shame. Michael Giacchino I'd like to meet. Also Danny Elfman.