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The 2013 BAFTAs : Red Carpet / Monochrome

February 10th, 2013.

Of all the Baftas I've been to, the most memorable was probably 2013 : the one that was cold AND where it rained AND sleeted AND snowed. What's more, since that one, they've made most of the red carpet fully undercover, thus ensuring these kind of precise circumstancess are unlikely to recur.

Photographically, it was tricky. Dynamic range and detail reduce when there's more stuff in the air, and with bright lights shining on the carpet, the contrast is even more reduced. But all that aside, I still put these Baftas down as one of my favourites to photograph...


Baftas 2013
Baftas 2013
Paloma Faith
Billy Connolly
Simon Pegg
Martin Freeman
Mark Strong
Natalie Dormer
Hugh Jackman
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence 2
Tom Hooper
Michael G Wilson
Eddie Redmayne
Eddie Redmayne 2
Tom Hiddleston
Helena Bonham Carter
Ben Affleck
Tim Burton
Amy Adams
Bradley Cooper
George Clooney
Marion Cotillard
Sally Field
Judi Dench
Chris Tucker
Damian Lewis
Anne Hathaway
Joaquin Phoenix
Javier Bardem
John C Reilly
Quentin Tarantino
Jeremy Renner
Daniel Day-Lewis

So that was one of the more interesting BAFTAs - it was cold, it was wet.... and yet while shoooting I didn't notice either of those two things!

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