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You can make a difference.


Drive a dump truck full of money to my doorstep?

Insist I join you on your filmset to record the Making-Of your landmark motion picture event (Mr Abrams)?

Give me a preferential spot at your Event and order me to record it with full expenses?

Well... sure.

I can do that.



Your donation allows me to feel good about myself... and you to feel good about YOURSELF. Don't believe me? Just donate and if you don't feel better about your vital patronage of the Arts, keep donating until you do.
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Sure, I'll take "Exposure" if I can't be paid in $$$. Exposure helps me feed my family, keep my cameras oiled and provides exactly the kind of platform I need to ensure that everyone starts crowding me out at premieres. Bless you, kind stranger!!

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Or hey... I'd love a kind comment on my works. Makes me feel like I'm doing something that people like.

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