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Abduction – Taylor Lautner! At a radio Station! (too sick to go to the premiere!)
Absolutely Fabulous (The) Movie - Lumley! Saunders! Moss! Minogue!
Accountant, The (2016) - Affleck! Kendrick!
African Cats – The Directors! Will & Kate!
Aftermath, The (2019) - Meh. Knightley’n’Skarsgad’Clarke. Meh.
Aladdin (2019) - Smith! Scott! Massoud! Kenzari! Ritchie!
Alice In Wonderland (2010) – Burton! Bonham-Carter! Hathaway! – not a lot of Depp!
Alice Through The Looking Glass - Depp! Wasikowska! Sacha Baron Cohen!
Alien Covenant (2017) - Fassbender! Waterstone! Crudup! McBride!
Alita : Battle Angel - Rodriguez! Cameron! Salazar! Connelly! Waltz!
Allied (2016) - Pitt! Cotillard! Zemeckis!
American Honey - Andrea Arnold! Sasha Lane!
American Mary – Soska! Soska! Isabelle!
An Inconvenient Sequel : Truth to Power - Al Gore!
American Pie 4 aka American Reunion – Biggs! Levi! Suvari!
Anchorman2 – Ferrell! Carell! Rudd! Apatow! Applegate!
Anonymous – Emmerich! Ifans! Thewlis!
Another Mother's Son (2017) - Keating! Seagrove! And a #1 Wristband!
Antiviral (2012) - Sarah Gadon! Brandon Cronenberg!
AntMan - Paul Rudd! Michael Douglas! Michael Pena!
Aquaman (2018) - Momoa! Heard! Wilson! Lundgren! Wan!
Argo – Ben Affleck! Bryan Cranston! John Goodman!
Arrival (2016) - Adams! Renner!
Arthur Christmas – Nighy! Park! A billionaire’s daughter!
Assassination Nation (2018) - Nef! Randoms!
Australia – Kidman! Jackman! Luhrman!
Avatar – James Cameron! In Colour! In Widescreen!
Avengers – Downey Jnr! Johansson! Hiddleston! Hemsworth!
Avengers - Age of Ultron - Downey Jnr! Johansson! Hemsworth! Evans!
Avengers - Infinity War - Closed event. Went to Olivers instead. F.U. Marvel.
Avengers - Endgame - “Fan Screning” - F.U. Marvel.
Await Further Instructions (2018) - Weston! Gittins! Saddler! Naik! (….who?)

Baby Driver (2017) - Elgort! James! Wright! Spacey! Jones! Hamm!
Bad Education (2015) - Whitehall! Irvine! Randomness!
BAFTAs 2012 – featuring Pitt, Clooney and Streep!
BAFTAs 2013 – featuring Clooney! Lawrence! Affleck! Cooper!
BAFTAs 2014 – featuring Brangelina! DiCaprio! Mirren! McQueen! Cuaron!
BAFTAs 2015 - feat. Loki! Captain America! Superman! 2xHulks! Dr Strange!
BAFTAs 2016 - featuring DiCaprio! Inarritu! Winslet! Vikander!
BAFTAs 2017 - featuring Emma Stone! Casey Affleck! Viola Davis!
BAFTAs 2018 - I was 509th in a ‘random’ queue for only 500 wristbands. F**k you, Bafta.
BAFTAs 2019 - And this year I was 5 short of getting in. But this time I stayed. (Malek! Yeoh! Cuaron! Colman! Lee! Driver! Chalamet!)
Ballad of Buster Scruggs, The - Coen! Coen! (just!) Kazan! Melling!
Bat Out Of Hell - The Musical - Meatloaf! The Cast! Street Concert!
Batman v Superman: DoJ (2016) - Cavill! Affleck! Gadot! Snyder(s)! Adams! Eisenberg!
Battle of the Sexes (2017) - Stone! Riseborough! Shue! The Real Billie Jean King!
The Beatles : Eight Days A Week - Paul! Ringo! Yoko!
Beautiful Boy (2018) - Chalamet! Carell! Van Groeningen!
Beauty & The Beast (2017) - Watson! Evans! McKellen! Blurry! Through Glass!
Bees Make Honey (2017) - Eve! Eve! Corfield! Scolding! Jeremiah!
Begin Again – Knightley! Ruffalo! Corden
Belle – Mbatha-Raw! Gadon! Felton! Wilkinson!
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Dench! Patel! Wilkinson!
The (Second) Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Dench! Smith! Charles and Camilla!
BFG, The - Spielberg!! Rylance! Hall! Spall! Wilton! ( ... Spielberg!!!)
BFI Luminous Gala 2015 - Hiddleston! Coleman! Joan Collins!
BFI Luminous Gala 2017 - Irons! Luhrman! Swinton!
Black 47 (2018) - Broadbent! Frecheville! Dunford! Lily James!
Black Mass (2015) - Depp vs Cumberbatch!
Black Panther - A European Premiere? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Black Site (2018) - Paton! Johnson! ... my personal brand of incompetence!
Bleed for this (2016) - Teller! Hinds! Eckhart! Younger!
Blinded by the Light (2019) - Chadha! Kalra! Ganatra!
Blood (2012) – Bettany! Tapper! No Vampires!
Blue Jasmine – Cate Blanchett! Sally Hawkins!
Blur – No Distance Left To Run – The Guys from Blur!
The Boat that Rocked – McCartney! Halliwell!.. even some of the Cast showed up!
Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) - Malek! Boynton! Myers! … May! Taylor!
Breathe (2017) - Serkis! Foy! Garfield!
Bright Star – Jane Campion! Boris Johnson!
Brooklyn (2015) - Soairse Ronan! Also... I don't care much!
Bruno – …Bruno!
Building Jerusalem (documentary) - Wilkinson... Dawson... Johnson...
Bula Quo – Status Quo! Laura Aikman! Craig Fairbrass!
Burnt (2015) - Cooper! Miller! Bruhl! Sy!
Bypass (BFI LFF) - Spencer! Mackay! Hopkins! (who? who? and who?)
A Bunch of Amateurs- Royal Screening – HRH Queen Elizabeth II attended!!

Cain Hill (2017) - Alex Zane! Gene Fallaize! Tony Cook (I think!)
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 - I don't know who these people are!
Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018) - McCarthy! E.Grant!
Captain America : The Winter Soldier – Evans! Johanssson! SLJackson!
Captain America : Civil War - Evans! RDJ! Olsen! Russos! Stan! Bettany! Renner!
Captain Marvel - Larson! Chan! SLJackson! Law!
Captain Phillips – Tom Hanks! Paul Greengrass!
Carol (2015) - Blanchett! Mara! Haynes!
Cars2 – Caine! Isaacs! Lasseter!
Charlie St Cloud - Zac Efron! In Australia!
Children Act, The (2018) - Thompson! Whitehead! Eyre! McEwan!
Christopher Robin (2018) - McGregor! Atwell! Forster! Cummings!
Chloe (2009) – Moore! Seyfried! Reitman!
Cinderella (2015) - Lily James! Richard Madden!
Class of 92 – Beckham! Five other ManU players! Two-fifths of OneDirection!
Cloud Atlas – Wachowskis! Tykwer! Whishaw! Sturgess!
Colette (2018) - Tomlinson! Knightley! Gough! West!
Confessions of a Shopaholic – Fisher! Bruckheimer!
The Counselor – Ridley Scott! JBardem! MFassbender! PCruz!
Cowboys & Aliens – Han Solo! James Bond! The Girl From Tron2!
Creation – Bettany: Yes! Connelly: No! Cumberbatch: Yes!
Creed II - Michael B Jordan! Tessa Thompson! Dolph Lundgren!
Criminal (2016) - Costner! Molla!
Crossfire Hurricane – The Rolling Stones! Mick! Keith! Ronnie! Charlie!
Crown, the (2016) (Netflix Series) - Foy! Smith! Kirby! Daldy! Corgi!
Crown, the (2017) (Netflix Series2) - Foy! Smith! Kirby! Corgis!
Cult of Chucky, The (Frightfest "World" "Premiere") - Tilly! Hodder!

Dad's Army - Gambon! Zeta-Jones! Courtenay!
Daddy's Home - Wahlberg! Ferrell!
Daddy's Home2 - Wahlberg! Ferrell! Lithgow! Gibson!
Dallas Buyers Club – Matthew McConaughey! Jared Leto!
The Damned United – Broadbent! Sheen!
A Dangerous Method – Fassbender! Knightley! Mortenson!
The Danish Girl - Redmayne! Vikander! Shoenaerts! Hooper!
The Dark Knight – Bale! Caine! Eckhart! Gyllenhall! All kind of!
The Dark Knight Rises – Nolan! Bale! Hardy! Freeman! Hathaway! Cotillard! Gordon-Levitt!
Dark Shadows – Depp! Burton! Bonham Carter! Pfeiffer! etc!
Darkest Hour (2017) - Oldman! Scott-Thomas! Lily James! Wright!
Dead Man Running – 50 Cent! Rio Ferdinand!
The Debt – Mirren! Wilkinson! Firth
Deepwater Horizon (2016) - Wahlberg! Peter Berg! Michael Bay!!
The Deep Blue Sea – Hiddleston! No Sharks!
Defiance – Craig! Liev! .. the other guy!
Demons Never Die – Who? What? Who?
The Descendants – Clooney! yes, Again! Also Woodley!
Destination : Dewsbury (2019) - Cast! Crew!
Detroit (2017) - Bigelow! Boyega! Poulter! Reynor!
The Devil’s Double – Cooper! Sagnier! No Carpet?
Diana – Watts! Hirschbiegel!
The Dictator – General Admiral Aladeen of Wadiya!
Did you hear about the Morgans – Jessica Parker! Grant! Hurley!?
Die Hard (5) A Good Day to Die Hard – Willis! Courtney! Koch!
The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby : Them (2014) - McAvoy! Duff! Benson!
Divergent – Woodley! James! Winslet! Roth!
Django Unchained – QTarantino! SLJackson! JFoxx! CWaltz!
Doctor Strange (2016) - Cumberbatch! Swinton! Mikkelsen! Through Glass! Sorry!
Doctor Who s8 Launch - Capaldi! Coleman! Photographed from a Stairwell!
Downsizing (2017) - Waltz! Payne! The Swingles (?) !
Drinking Buddies – Kendrick! Swanberg!
Dumbo (2019) - Green! Farrell! Burton! Devito!
Dunkirk (2017) - Nolan! Styles! Hardy! Rylance! Murphy!
Duplicity – Julia Roberts! Clive Owen!
Dying Laughing (2017) - Toogood! Whitehouse! Thomson! .. and later Beavan!

Edge of Tomorrow – Cruise! Blunt! Liman!
Eddie the Eagle - Jackman! Egerton! Barlow!
Edge (,The) (cricket documentary) - Just the director!
An Education – Thompson! Mulligan!
Effie Gray - Fanning! Cardinale! Sienna Miller!
Elle (2016) - Verhoeven! Huppert!
Entourage (2015) - Ari! Vinnie! E! Drama! Turtle!
The Expendables 2 – Sly! Arnie! JCVD! Statham!
The Expendables 3 - Sly! Statham! Banderas! Snipes!
Exodus : Gods and Kings (2014) - Sir Ridley! Bale! Valverde! Edgerton!
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile - Efron! Collins!
Eye in the Sky - Mirren! Firth! Glen!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Rowling! Redmayne! Waterston! Yates!
Fantastic Beasts the Crimes of Grindelwald - Rowling! Redmayne! Depp! Law!
The Fantastic Mr Fox – Clooney! Murray! Anderson! … Cindy Crawford??
Far From The Madding Crowd - Mulligan! Shoenaerts! Vinterberg!
Fast and Furious (the 4th one) - Walker! Brewster! Rodriguez! Vin Diesel!
Fast & Furious 8 (the 8th one) - Diesel! Theron! in Berlin!
Fast & Furious : Hobbs & Shaw - Statham! Elba! Kirby! Mirren!
Festival, The - Ben Wheatley! Colin Trevorrow! Had nothing to do with the movie!
Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) - Dornan! Johnson! Taylor-Johnson! EL James!
Fifty Shades Darker (2017) - Dornan! Johnson! EL James!
Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool - Bell! Benning! Costello! Kate Mara bonus!
Filth – McAvoy! Welsh! Poots! Froggatt!
Final Fantasy XV - Kingsglaive - something! (but not much more than nothing!)
Final Score (2018) - I have no idea what you're talking about
Finding Dory (2016) - DeGeneres! De Rossi! Stanton! West!
Flight – RZemeckis! DWashington! KReilly!
Florence Foster Jenkins - Streep! Grant! Ferguson! Frears!
Florida Project, The (2017) - Baker! Prince! Cotto! Vinaite!
Focus (2015) - Will Smith! Margot Robbie!
Foxcatcher (2014) - Carrell! Miller! Redgrave!
Frankenweenie – Burton! Bonham Carter! Landau! Short!
Free Fire (2016) - Hammer! Murphy! Copley! Riley! Smiley! Ceesay! Wheatley!
Front Runner, The - Jason Reitman! Jason Reitman’s Hair! Alfonso Cuaron bonus!
Fury - Brad Pitt! Shia! Lerman! Bernthal! Ayer!

Gambit (2012) – Firth! Diaz! Rickman!
Game of Thrones s5 World Premiere - Awesome location, subpar views.
Ginger and Rosa! - Elle Fanning!
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – DCraig! RMara!
Glorious 39 – Dr Who! Girl with Spiky Hair! Davey Jones!
Gloves Off (2017) - Premiere in 2018! AFord! SNesbit! AMoore!
Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017) - Gleeson! Robbie! Curtis!
The Golem (2018) - Paz! and Paz!
Good Omens (2019) - Tennant! Sheen! Gaiman! Arjona! Richardson! Cox!
GQ Awards 2011 – Charlize! Kylie!
GQ Awards 2012 – Kylie! Bellucci!
GQ Awards 2013 – Brand! Eve! Douglas!
GQ Awards 2014 - Cumberbatch! KKardashian? LLohan?
GQ Awards 2015 - Sam Smith! Emilia Clarke! SL Jackson!
GQ Awards 2017 - Hamill! Dormer! Different Venue!
GQ Awards 2018 - McGowan! Hiddleston! Hemsworth! Zendaya! Goldblum!
Gravity – Cuaron! Bullock!
Great Expectations (2012) – BonhamCarter! Fieness! Coltrane! Irvine!
Green Inferno, The - Eli Roth! Lorenza Izzo!
Grimsby (2016) - Grimsby! Isla Fisher! Mark Strong!
Guardians of the Galaxy - Pratt! Gunn! Saldana! Gillan! Vin Diesel in Moonboots!
Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The (2018) - Lily James! JB Findlay!
Gunman, The (2015) - Elba! Winstone! Penn and Charlize..

Haider - Shahid Kapoor! Vishal Bhardwaj! My Ignorance of Foreign Cinema!
Half of a Yellow Sun (BFI LFF) - Ejiofor! Ceesay! Bandele! Lost for 4 years!
Hampstead - Gleeson! Davis! Watkins!
Hancock – Charlize Theron. Will Smith. Enough Said
The Hangover – Heather Graham! And some guys!
The Hangover III - Cooper! Graham! Helms! Jeong! Bartha! Galifianakis!
Happy Feet 2 – Robin Wiliams! Elijah Wood! George Miller!
Harry Brown : Michael Caine!
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Rowling! Radcliffe! Watson! Grint!
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 – Rowling! Radcliffe! Watson! Pretty much everyone!!
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (theatre) - JK Rowling! John Tiffany!
The Hateful Eight - Tarantino! Kurt Russell! Tim Roth! Ennio Moriccone!!
The Heat – Bullock! Feig! Dormer!
Hector and the Search for Happiness (Apple Event) - Simon Pegg! Peter Chelsom!
High-Rise - Tom Hiddleston! Sienna Miller! Sienna Guillory! Elisabeth Moss!
Hitchcock (2012) – Hopkins! Mirren!
The Hobbit : Batle of the Five Armies - Jackson! McKellen! Freeman! Armitage! Cumberbatch!
Hologram for the King - Hanks! Tykwer! Choudhury!
Horns (2014) - Daniel Radcliffe! Juno Temple!
Horrible Bosses – Aniston! Bateman! Men with Beards!
Horrible Bosses 2 - Aniston! Bateman! Day! Sudeikis! .. and Wilde!
Horrible Histories : Rotten Romans - Davis! Whitehouse! The Other Will Smith!
Horrid Henry – three-fifths of Girls Aloud!
How to be Single - Johnson! Brie! Wilson! Mann!
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People – Pegg! Anderson….Serkiss?!
Hugo in 3D – Scorcese! Moretz! Charles! Camilla!
Hummingbird – Jason Statham! Rosie H-W! Others
The Hunger Games – Lawrence! Hemsworth x2!
The Hunger Games Catching Fire – Lawrence! Hemsworth! Hutcherson! Banks!
The Hunger Games Mockingjay part1 - Lawrence! Banks! Hemsworth! Humanity!
The Hunger Games Mockingjay part2 / Tributen von Panem - Mockingjay teil 2 - BERLIN - Lawrence! Hutcherson! Hemsworth!
Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) - Neill! Dennison! Neeson!
Hurricane - Martini (not that kind)! Blair (not that one)! Gibson (no, not that one!)
Hyde Park on Hudson (2012) - Bill Murray!

I am Bolt - Usain Bolt!
I Give It A Year – Byrne! Baker! Driver!
I, Daniel Blake (2016) - Ken Loach! Dave Johns! Hayley Squires!
I, Tonya (2018) - Robbie! Janney! Gillespie!
The Ides of March – Clooney! Seymour Hoffman!
ill Manors – Plan B! And Guests!
The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus – Gilliam! Cole! Garfield! Troyer!
Imitation Game - Cumberbatch! Knightley! Dance! Strong!
The Impossible (2012) - Naomi Watts! Ewan McGregor!
In The Heart of the Sea - Hemsworth! Murphy! Howard! Holland!
In Time – Timberlake! Seyfried! CMurphy!
Inbetweeners 2 - The Cast of The Inbetweeners!
Inconvenient Sequel : Truth to Power (2017) - Al Gore!
Incredibles 2 - SLJackson! HHunter!
Independence Day Resurgence - Train Unveiling! Golblum! Emmerich! Hemsworth!
Inglourious Basterds – Tarantino! Waltz! Kruger! (Campbell? Rourke?)
Inside Out (2015) - Amy Poehler! John Ratzenberger!
Insurgent (Apple Store) - Theo! Shailene!
Insurgent (World Premiere) - Theo! Shailene! Roth!
Intent2 : The Come Up, the - Guests! Attendees! In monochrome!
Interlude in Prague - Charlotte Peters! Samantha Barks! People!
Intern, The (2015) - De Niro! Hathaway!
Interstellar - Nolan! McConaughey! Chastain! Hathaway! Caine!
Invictus- Clint Eastwood! Morgan Freeman! Maaaaatt Daaaaamon!
The Invisible Woman – Fiennes! Rickman! Scott Thomas!
Iron Man 3 – DowneyJnr! Cheadle! Kingsley! Hall!
It's Only The End Of The World (2016) - Cotillard! Seydoux! Dolan!

Jack Reacher : Never Go Back - Tom Cruise! Cobie Smulders! Lee Child!!
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit – Pine! Knightley! Branagh!
James Bond : Quantum of Solace - Craig! Dench! Kurylenko! Often Blurry!
James Bond : Skyfall - Craig! Dench! Fiennes! Marlohe! Harris! Lee! Mendes! Newman!
James Bond : Spectre - Craig! Waltz! Mendes! Bellucci! Seydoux!
Jawbone (2017) - Winstone! Smiley!
Jason Bourne (2016) - Damon! Vikander! Stiles! Greengrass!
John Carter (of Mars) – Kitsch! Dafoe!
Johnny English Reborn – Atkinson! Anderson!
Johnny English Strikes Again - Meh.
The Jonas Brothers 3D Experience – Jonas! Jonas! ..and Jonas!
Journey's End (2017) - Sam Claflin! Toby Jones!
Jungle Book, the (2016) - Favreau! Kingsley! Sethi!

The Keith Lemon Movie – in black and white!
Kid Who Would Be King, The (2019) - Stewart! Ferguson! Serkis!
Kill Your Friends (2015) - Hoult! Skrein! Roberts!
Killing of a Sacred Deer, The (2017) - Kidman! Farell! Cassidy!
King Arthur : Legend of the Sword (2017) - Hunnam! Gillen! Ritchie! Beckham!
King of Thieves (2018) - Caine! Gambon! Winstone! Courtenay!
Kingsglaive : Final Fantasy XV - one director and two cosplayers! (that is all)
Kingsman : The Secret Service (2015) - Firth! Vaughn! Egerton!
Kingsman : The Golden Circle (2017) - Bridges! Berry! John! Egerton! Vaughn! etc!
Kong : Skull Island - Hiddleston! Larson! Riley! The Director's Beard! The Director!
Kundo : Age of the Rampant - I'm a culturally oblivious fool!
Kung Fu Jungle - Donnie Yen! Bing Bai! Teddy Chan!
Kung Fu Panda 2 – Jack Black!
Kung Fu Panda 3 - Jack Black! Kate Hudson! The Vamps!

La La Land (not a real premiere) - Chazelle! Mizuno! Hamilton!
Larry Crowne – The Hanks! The Hoff! The Rolling Stone!
Last Flag Flying (2017) - Cranston! Linklater!
The Last Stand – Arnie! Jaimie! Johnny!
The Last Station – Mirren! McAvoy! Duff!
The Last Witch Hunter - Vin Diesel! Michael Caine! Rose Leslie! Gal Gadot?!
Learning to Drive - Patricia Clarkson! (Sir!) Ben Kingsley!
Legend - Tom Hardy! Tom Hardy! Emily Browning! David Thewlis!
Legend of Tarzan, The (2016) - Skarsgard! Robbie! Hounsou! Hozier!
Les Miserables – Jackman! Crowe! Hathaway! The Girl On Th Poster! And More!
Life Itself (2018) - Olivia Cook! Dan Fogelman!
Life of Pi – Ang Lee! Sharma! Spall! Hiddleston!
Light Between Oceans, The (2016) - Fassbender! Vikander! Cianfrance!
Lion (2016) - Kidman! Patel!
Lion King, The (2019) - Favreau! Zimmer! Rogen! Kasumba! Eichner! Harry! Megan!
A Little Chaos (2014) - Alan Rickman! (and James McAvoy for another film)
A Little Chaos (2015) - Alan Rickman! Kate Winslet! Helen McCrory!
Locke – Tom Hardy! Andrew Scott!
Lobster, the (2015) - Weisz! Farrell! Colman! Whishaw!
Logan Lucky - Driver! Tatum! Soderbergh!
London Fashion Week 2010.1 - fashion?
London Fashion Week 2012.1 - fashion!
London Fashion Week 2013.1 - fashion!!
London Fashion Week 2013.2 - fashion!!!
London Fashion Week 2014.1 - fashion!!!!
London Fashion Week 2015.1 - fashion!!!!!
London Fashion Week 2016.1 - fashion!!!!!!
London Fashion Week 2016.2 - fashion!!!!!!!
London Fashion Week 2017.1 - fashion!!!!!!!!
London Fashion Week 2017.2 (also Berlin and Riga) - fashion!
London Fashion Week 2018.1 - fashion!!!!!!!!!!
London Fashion Week 2018.2 - fashion!!!!!!!!!!!
London Fashion Week 2019.1 - fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Lonely Place to Die – Melissa George! (That is all!)
Long Shot (2019) - Charlize Theron! Rogen! Levine!
Lord Mayor’s Show, 2015 - Lady in a Painting! Floating Pig! General Weirdness!
Lord Mayor’s Show, 2018 - Giant Robot! Walking Xylophonist! Floating Pig Returns!
The Lone Ranger – Depp! Verbinski! Bruckheimer! Hammer!
Lost City of Z, The (2017) - Hunnam! Holland! Pattinson! Miller!
Love, Rosie - Claflin! Collins! Waterhouse! Egerton!
Love, Simon - A Ferris Wheel! (yeah... seriously. that's all)
Love & Friendship - Beckinsale! Stillman! Greenwell!
Love is Strange (2014) - Molina! Sachs!
The Lovely Bones – Peter Jackson! Saoirse Ronan! Charles and Camilla!

Madagascar2 – Rock! Stiller! Pinkett-Smith!
Magic Mike - Not quite a premiere! Tatum! McConaughey!
Magic Mike XXL - Tatum! Heard! Pinkett-Smith!
Malice in Wonderland – Danny Dyer flicks a cigarette!
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again - Cher! Streep! Garcia! Hanks! Firth! Irvine! James!
Man of Steel – Cavill! Snyder! Nolan! Zimmer! Shannon! Adams!
Man Inside, The - Maza! Ryan!
The Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot - (!) - Turner! Fitzgerald! Krzykowski! Kraemer!
Mandela – The Long Walk to Freedom – Elba! Harris! Kate and William!
Manchester by the Sea - Michelle Williams! Casey Affleck!
Maniac (Netflix series) - Emma Stone Mostly! and a bit of Justin Theroux!
Margin Call - not really a premiere but a dark alley! with Jeremy Irons!
Marley and Me – Aniston! Wilson!
The Martian (2015) - Damon! Chastain! Wiig! Daniels! Mara! Ridley Scott!
Maze Runner Apple Store Event - Poulter! Scodelario! OBrien! Brodie-Sangster!
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - Cooke! Cyler! Mann! Gomez-Rejon!
Me & Orson Welles – Zac! Efron! Eee! And Claire Danes!
Me Before You - Khaleesi! Clara! Emilia Clarke! Jenna Coleman!
Melancholia – Dunst! Hurt!
Men in Black 3 – Smith! Brolin! Thompson! Scherzinger!
The Men Who Stare At Goats – Clooney! Again!
Men, Women and Children - Elgort! Dever! Reitman!
Mercy, The - Firth! Weisz! Thewlis!
Meyerowitz Stories, The - Hoffman! Sandler! Thompson! Baumbach!
Mindhunter (2017) - Fincher! FINCHER! (also Groff! McCallan!)
Minions (2015)- Sandra Bullock!
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol – Cruise! Pegg! Patton!
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation - Cruise! Pegg! Ferguson! McQuarrie!
Mission Impossible Fallout - Cruise! Pegg! Ferguson! McQuarrie! Cavill!
Molly's Game (2017) - Sorkin! Chastain! Elba! Pemberton! ... Molly!
A Monster Calls (2016) - Weaver! MacDougall! Bayona!
Monsters vs Aliens – Witherspoon! Sutherland!
Mother! (2017) - Lawrence! Gleeson! Aronofsky!
The Monuments Men – Clooney! Damon! Murray! Goodman! Dujardin!
Mortal Engines (2018) - Weaving!! Jackson! Sheehan! Hilmer!
Mortdecai - Johnny Depp! David Koepp! Amberd Heard!
Mr Holmes - Magneto! Professor X! (also Gandalf! Picard!)
Much Ado About Nothing – Whedon! Hiddleston! Denisof!
Mudbound (2017) - Mulligan! Hedlund! Clarke! Dee Rees!
Muppets Most Wanted – Miss Piggy! Kermit! Gervais! Burrell! Tucci!
Murder on the Orient Express (2017) - Branagh! Ridley! Dench! Depp! Pfeiffer! Gad! Colman! Dafoe! Cruz! Doyle!
My Cousin Rachel (2017) - Weisz! Claflin! Grainger! Glen!
My Week With Marilyn – Hermione! Dobby! Lily Potter! Gilderoy Lockhart! Madam Hooch!

Nativity!2 – David Tennant! and a Dude With Antlers!
Neon Demon, The (2016) - Fanning! Winding Refn!
Nice Guys, The - Gosling! Crowe! Rice! Black!
A Night at the Museum2 – Stiller! Gervais! Azaria!
Night at the Museum3: The Secret of the Tomb - Stiller! Wilson x2! Gervais! Levy! Eve!
Nine – Kidman! Cruz! Hudson! Dench! Daniel Day Lewis!
Noah – Crowe! Aronofsky! Connelly! Watson! Lerman!
Nocturnal Animals (2016) - Ford! Adams! Hammer! Taylor-Johnson!
Now : In the Wings of a World Stage – Kevin Spacey! Others
Now is Good – Dakota! Fanning! Irvine!
Nowhere Boy – Scott-Thomas! Taylor-Wood!

Oblivion (2013) – Cruise! Kurylenko! Kosinski!
Ode to my Father (2015) - Youn! Hwang! (I think I spelled those right!)
Olympus Has Fallen - Butler! Eckhart!
On Chesil Beach (2017) - Ronan! Howle!
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019) - Pitt! DiCaprio! Robbie! Tarantino!
Once Upon A Time In London (2019) - Ummm…..?!
One Day – Hathaway! Sturgess!
Only Lovers Left Alive – Tom Hiddleston! Yasmine Hamdan!
Our Kind of Traitor - Damian Lewis! Naomie Harris!
Outlaw King - Pine! Taylor-Johnson! Mackenzie!
Outside Bet – Atack! Drive! Maza!
Oz the Great and Powerful – Franco! Kunis! Weisz! Braff! Raimi! Williams!

Pacific Rim – Del Toro! Elba! Hunnam! Kazinsky!
Pacific Rim Uprising - Scott Eastwood! John Boyega!
Pan (2015) - Jackman! Mara! Delevingne! Hedlund!
Paddington (2014) - Kidman! Whishaw! Broadbent!
Paddington2 (2017) - Hugh Grant! Ben Whishaw! Jim Broadbent! Julie Walters!
Pain and Glory (2019) - Cruz! Banderas! Almodovar!
Patti Cake$ - Jasper! Everett! A Seagull! The Disco Bunny!
The Pass (2016) (BFI Flare) - Tovey! Kene! McGrillis
Perfect Sense – Ewan McGregor! Eva Green!
Peter Rabbit (2018) - Ridley! Gleeson! Corden! Debicki!
Pride (2014) - Andrew Scott! Faye Marsay!
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - James! Smith! Heathcote!
The Program (2015) - Foster! O'Dowd! Frears!
Prometheus – Ridley! Charlize! Fassbender!
Public Enemies – Depp! Cotillard! Mann!
Puss In Boots – Banderas! Hayek!

Quantum of Solace – Everyone! Sort of! But often blurry!
Quartet (2012)– Hoffman! Connolly! Maggie Smith!
Queen’s Corgi, The (2019) - Corgis!!
Quiet Ones – Jared Harris! Sam Claflin! Olivia Cooke!
Quiet Place, A - Blunt! Krasinski! Jupe!

The Railway Man – Firth! Irvine! Teplitzky!
Ralph Breaks The Internet - Sarah Silverman! John C Reilly! Gal Gadot!!
Rampage - Dwayne Johnson! Akerman! Dean Morgan! Loss of faith in Humanity!
Ready Player One - Spielberg! Sheridan! Cooke! Stars! Directors!
Real Steel –  Hugh Jackman! A Robot! The little kid!
Redemption (aka 'Humminbird') - Statham! Huntington-Whitely!
Revolutionary Road – Kate! Leo!
Righteous Kill – De Niro! Pacino! 50Cent! Pretty Awesome!
Rise of the Guardians – Chris Pine! Isla Fisher!
Riviera, Season2 - Go Fuck yourself, Duke of York Square
The Road – Firth! Mortensen!
Robocop (2014) – Oldman! Cornish! Kinnaman!
Rocketman (2019) - Elton! Taron! Dexter! Bryce! Richard!
RockNRolla – Ritchie! Butler! Newton! Madonna shows up!
Rogue One (2016) - f**k you, Disney; f**k you Pentax.
Roma (2018) - Cuaron! De Tavira! Aparicio! (Rapace!)
Romanoffs, The (2018) - Weiner! Skinner! Lusi! Keller! Anderson! Melab! (Hamm!! Shalhoub!!)
Ronaldo (2015) - Cristiano Ronaldo! Sir Alex Ferguson!
Room, The (15th Anniversary) - Tommy Wiseau!! Greg Sestero!! Spoons!!
Rosewater - Jon Stewart! Kim Bodnia! Leonidas!
Run for your Wife – Dyer! Harding! Van Outen!
RUSH world premiere- Hemsworth! Howard! Wilde! Lauda!
Rust and Bone – Cotillard! Schoenaerts!

‘S’ Book Signing – JJ Abrams! Bad Robot!
Safe – Jason! Statham!
Samurai Rauni - Mika Rättö! Harri Sippola! In Latvia!!
San Andreas (2015) - The Rock! Kylie Minogue! Gugino! Doddario!
Saving Mr Banks – Tom Hanks! Colin Farrell! Emma Thompson!
Die Schlümpfe: Das verlorene Dorf - (Smurfs : The Lost Village) - Tschirner! German Cast!
A Serious Man – Coen! Hurt! Coen! Rush!
The Sessions - Helen Hunt! John Hawkes!
Seven Pounds – Will Smith!!
Shame – Gala Screening – McQueen! Strong!
Shazam! - Levi! Strong! Sandberg! A funfair!
Sherlock (TV Series) The Abominable Bride filming - Cumberbatch! Freeman!
Sherlock Gnomes (eye-roll) - Elton John! James McAvoy!
Sherlock Holmes – J.Law! R.DowneyJnr! G.Ritchie! R.McAdams!
Shrek : The Musical - Sam Mendes, weirdly!
The Shouting Men – Not a lot, but it was still a premiere!
Sicario (2015) - Emily Blunt! Benicio del Toro!
A Single Man – Firth! Hurley! Romanian Vampire Dude! Tom Ford!
A Simple Favour - Lively! Kendrick! Feig!
Skyfall (James Bond) – Craig! Bardem! Dench! Mendes! Marlohe! Everyone!
Smurfs : The Lost Village (German Cast premiere) - Tschirner! Berben! Heinicke!
Snow White and the Huntsman –Theron! Kristen Stewart! Hemsworth!
Snowden (2016) - Oliver Stone! Joely Richardson! Olga Kurylenko!
Spectre (James Bond) - Craig! Waltz! Mendes! Bellucci! Seydoux!
Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man) – Garfield! Stone! Ifans
Spider-Man2 (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) – Garfield! Stone! Foxx! DeHaan! Webb!
Spitfire (Documentary) (2018)  - Charles Dance, a Spitfire, and Actual RAF Veterans
Spotlight (2016) - Keaton! Ruffalo! Tucci! Organisational Incompetence!
Spy (2015) - McCarthy! Statham! Law!
St Trinians2 – Sarah Harding! Her Dress! A nearly all-female cast!
Stan & Ollie - Coogan! Reilly! Arianda! Henderson!
Star Is Born, A (2018) - Lady Gaga! Bradley Cooper! Shangela (?) !
Star Trek (2009) – JJ Abrams! Eric Bana! Sylar!
Star Trek Into Darkness – Abrams! Pine! Cumberbatch! Quinto! Saldana! Eve! Urban! Pegg!
Star Trek Beyond (2016) - Pine! Quinto! Urban! Cho! Pegg! Elba!
Star Wars episode III : Revenge of the Sith - Nobody! Because it was in Sydney!
Star Wars episode VIII : The Last Jedi - Hamill! Ridley! Boyega! Gleeson! Johnson! Oz!
Starfish (2016) - Froggat! Riley! Clark!
State of Play – Mirren! Crowe!
Steve Jobs - Fassbender! Winslet! Boyle! Sorkin!
Stoker (2013) – Kidman! Wasikowska! Goode!
Suicide Squad - Smith! Robbie! Delevingne! Leto! Ayer! Hernandez! (Courtney!)
Surviving Christmas With The Relatives (2018) - Small (setup)! Joely Richardson!
Suspiria(2018)- Johnson, Swinton, Goth, Guadagnino, Soul Destroying Music, Anger
The Sweeney (2012) – Winstone! Atwell! Drew!
Swimming with Men (2018) - Riley! Parker(s)! Hardy!

Tale of Tales (2016) - Salma Hayek! Toby Jones!
Testament of Youth - Harington! West! Morgan!
The Theory of Everything (2014) - Eddie Redmayne! Felicity Jones! Stephen Hawking!!
Theatre : Shrek The Musical (2011) - Green Carpet!
Theatre : Sunset Blvd (2016) - Grey Pavement and failure!
Their Finest (2016) - Arterton! Nighy! Claflin! Hyam!
Their Finest (2017?) 'special presentation' - Arterton! Nighy! Warren Beatty afterwards!
This Means War – Witherspoon! Pine! Hardy!
Thor – Hemsworth! Brannagh! Hiddleston! In Sydney!
Thor – The Dark World – Hemsworth! Hiddleston! Portman! Whedon! Dennings!
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Dinklage! McDormand! Rockwell! Harrelson!
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – Oldman! Firth! Hardy! Hurt!
Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn – DCraig! SPegg! NFrost! JBell!
TITANIC in 3D – Cameron! Winslet! More!
Tolkien (2019) - Collins! Hoult! Holm! The Cast!
Tomb Raider (2018) - Vikander! Scott Thomas! Roar Uthaug!
Tomorrow When The War Began - Australian People!!
Tomorrowland - Clooney! Laurie! Bird!
Tormented (2009) – People! Other People!
Total Recall (2012) – Farrell! Beckinsale! Biel!
Toy Story 4 (apparently) - Hanks. Whatever.
Trooping the Colour 2016 - The Queen! And Royalty!
Trooping the Colour 2017 - The Queen! And Royalty!
Trooping the Colour 2018 - The Queen! And Royalty!
Trooping the Colour 2019 - The Queen! And Royalty!
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen – Fox! LaBeouf! Turturro! Gibson!
Transformers The Last Knight - Bay! Wahlberg! Haddock! Duhamel!
Tropic Thunder – Stiller! Downey Jnr! Black!
Trumbo (2015) - Cranston! Mirren! Goodman!
Truth (2015) - Cate Blanchett! Topher Grace!
Twelve Years A Slave – McQueen! Ejiofor! Nyong'o
Twilight Breaking Dawn part1 – RPatz! TLautz! KStewz!
Twilight Breaking Dawn part2 – KStewz! RPatz! TLautz!
Two Days, One Night - Marion Cotillard!

The Ugly Truth – Heigl! Butler!
Unbroken (2014) - Angelina Jolie! Miyavi!
Unknown Dinosaur Movie (2018)
A United Kindgom (2016)- Oyelowo! Pike! Felton! Asante!
Up – Literally no (0) cast or crew showed!

Valentines Day – Alba! Kutcher! Topher!
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets - Cara! Dane! Luc! Rihanna
Valkyrie – TomKat! Branagh! Nighy! Izzard! Wilkinson! van Outen!
Viceroy's House (2017) - Anderson! Bonneville! Chadra!

W.E. – Madonna! Dormer! D'Arcy! Riseborough!
Wall-E – Weaver! Burtt! The Robot!
Walking on Sunshine - people!
War Horse – Spielberg! Royalty! Hiddleston! Cumberbatch! Irvine! An Actual Horse!
War on Everyone (2016) - Skarsgard! Pena! Irritating Lawlessness!
Watchmen (2009)– Snyder! Haley! Akerman! Morgan! Wilson! Gugino!
Watchmen (2009) - Red Carpet Monochrome 10th Anniversary Re-edit!
Water for Elephants – Rpatz! Rwiths!
We’re the Millers – Aniston! Sudeikis! Poulter! Alcohol!!!
We are the people we’ve been waiting for -The Fonz Dissed Me!!
Welcome to Curiosity - I don't know who ANY of these people are!!
What If - Radcliffe! Rooper!
What to Expect When You're Expecting – Cameron Diaz! Cheryl Cole!
What we did on our Holiday - Tennant! Pike! Connolly! The Kids!
Where the Wild Things Are – Jonze! and the Kid!
Whiplash (2014) - J.K.Simmons! Miles Teller!
White Chamber (2018) - Macdonald! Maughan! Nergaard! Unidentified Guy!
White Crow, The (2018) (BFI LFF) - Fiennes! Olenko!
White Crow, The (2018) (2nd premiere!) - Fiennes! Olenko! Tucci! Neeson! Ifans!
Wicked (Theatre) 10th Anniversary Gala - Cast! Crew! Former Cast! Guests!
Widows (2018) - McQueen! Kaluuya! Rodriguez! Zimmer! Davis!
The Wife (2017) - Close! Pryce! Regan! 
Wild Bill – Fletcher! A 160yr old Countess!
Wild Rose (2018) - Buckley! Harper! Taylor!
Wildlife (2018) - (sort of) Dano! (side-on) Kazan!
Wikileaks Files book launch - Assange (via internet)! Pilger!
Williams (2017 Documentary) - Sir William! William, OBE! 2x Williams cars!
Winter’s Tale premiere – Farrell! Brown-Findlay! Goldsman! JJ Abrams?
The Woman In Black – Radcliffe! Hinds! White!
The Wolverine – Jackman! Mangold! Janssen! Others!
The Worlds End – Pegg! Frost! Pike! Wright!
World War Z – Brad Pitt! Semi-failure!
Wrath of the Titans – Neeson! Worthington!
Wrinkle in Time, A - Oprah! Storm! DuVernay! Witherspoon!

The X-Files : I Want to Believe – Anderson! Duchovny! Carter!
X-Men : Apocalypse - Lawrence! Turner! McAvoy! Isaac!

Yes Man – Carrey! Deschanel!
The Young Victoria – Royalty and Cast attended
You Were Never Really Here - Phoenix! Ramsay!
Youth (2015) - Keitel! Caine! Weisz!

Zoolander2 - Zoolander! Mugatu! Valentino! and Hansel! (… so hot right now)

12 Years A Slave - McQueen! Ejiofor! Nyong'o
17 Again – Zac Efron! (Eeeee!!)
100 Streets (2016) - Elba! Arterton! Others!



Awards – ARIA Music 2010 – Sia! Washington! Powderfinger!
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Awards - British Fashion 2015 - Lagerfeld! Huntington-Whitely! Gaga! Hayek!
Awards - British Fashion 2016 - Gaga! Moss! Leto! Testino! Hadid!
Awards - British Fashion 2017 - P!nk! Zendaya! Versace! Anderson!
Awards - British Fashion 2018 - Famous People!
Awards - Elle Style Awards 2016 - Kloss! Huntington-Whitely! Olsen!
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Awards – Empire 2012 – DeVito! Lundgren! Oldman! Hiddleston!
Awards - Empire 2016 - Ridley! Daniels! Serkis! Serafinowicz!
Awards - Empire 2017 - Besson! Edwards! Asante! Hiddleston!
Awards - Empire 2018 - Johnson! Wright! Serkis! Snow!!
Awards - Evening Standard Theatre 2015 - Kidman! McAvoy! McKellen! Dench!
Awards - Evening Standard Theatre 2016 - McAvoy! Stewart! Malkovich! von Teese!
Awards - Evening Standard Theatre 2017 - Blanchett! Knightley! Garfield!
Awards - Evening Standard Theatre 2018 - Foy! Coleman! Garfield! McKellen!
Awards - FIFA The Best 2018 - Southgate! Loew! Marta!
Awards – GQ 2011 – Charlize! Kylie!
Awards – GQ 2012 – Kylie! Bellucci!
Awards – GQ 2013 – Brand! Eve! Douglas!
Awards - GQ 2014 - Cumberbatch! KKardashian? LLohan?
Awards - GQ 2015 - Sam Smith! Emilia Clarke! SL Jackson!
Awards - GQ 2017 - Hamill! Dormer! Different Venue!
Awards - GQ 2018 - McGowan! Hiddleston! Hemsworth! Zendaya! Goldblum!
Awards – Oliviers 2014 – Hiddleston! Atwell! Dench! Theatre! Culture!
Awards - Oliviers 2015 - Strong! Arterton! McAvoy! Theatre! Culture!
Awards - Oliviers 2016 - Dench! Harington! Rylance! Theatre! Culture!
Awards - Oliviers 2017 - Mackellen! Rice! Piper! Theatre! Culture!
Awards - Oliviers 2018 - Cranston! Gooding Jnr! Mendes! Theatre! Culture!
Awards - Oliviers 2019 - Grammer! Watanabe! Pullman! Art Malik! Theatre! Culture!
Awards – Pride of Britain 2012 – Spice Girls! McKellen! Bon Jovi! Hawking!?
Awards - Pride of Britain 2017 - Theresa May! Prince William! Ozzy! ...!
Awards - Pride of Britain 2018 - Cliff! Frankie! Robbie!
Awards - TV Baftas 2015 - See how little TV I watch!
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