All photography provided by Bernd Talasch

I'm just some guy

I'm a guy with some spare time and some equipment. I was born in the usual way, I didn't flee some wartorn place or drag myself out of the gutter to become who I am. I lead a dull and boring life, from which photography offers some element of escape, or distraction. I have a regular 9-5ish job that allows me to afford slightly better than average equipment, and after doing a couple hundred premieres I got better. The improvement arising from continual practice exceeds that of the equipment by a relatively large extent. Everything else is relatively unimportant. If you want to know more, buy me a drink. Or if you're female, allow me to buy you a drink.

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I Have No Bold Mission or Vision

It started out with a single word criteria for photographing premieres : "RECOGNISABLE". In other words, I figured if I was going to be posting some overexposed blurry photo online and calling it "Tom Cruise @ Premiere", it'd better at least be recognisably Tom Cruise. Otherwise, why even bother?

With that aspiration as to quality level set, I was ready. And that's about it. I mean, if Scarlett Johansson or Charlize Theron is going to walk past somebody's camera, it might as well be mine. And if Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino are working their way along a crowd of people happily signing things that are being handed at them, I have a Moleskine (or occasionally one of my own 18x12 enlargements) handy for that eventuality too.

Plus I want to get better. The best way to get better at photography is to take photos. And the best way to measure improvement is to take a certain kind of photo over time and see if you can get it better. It doesn't matter if it's landscape, action, studio portrait or macro.... to get better at it you have to keep doing it. And when you have a bad day, you make sure you get back out there and do better next time.

Did you take this?
— Reese Witherspoon
What event was THAT from??
— Charlize Theron's PA
That’s a nice piece
— Johnny Depp (referring to a photo of mine he ended up signing) (eeee!!)
#Likes this
— Raffey Cassidy (on facebook) (she's in the movie 'Tomorrowland')

Is it worth it?

  • One camera lost in the line of duty.
  • I've only occasionally been snowed and sleeted upon (it's London. It gets cold).
  • I got a couple of gigs shooting weddings (including a zombie one!) and events (including serveral zombie ones!) on the strength of my candid photography.
  • Got published a couple of times. 
  • Made a couple of good friends.
  • Occasionally get to see a free movie.
  • Sold a couple of photos, had an exhibit and broke even!
  • Reese Witherspoon once complimented a photo of her I'd taken (true story!).

Oh, and one (NSFW) out-of-context quote from Kristen Stewart in The Clouds of Sils Maria. We shared a moment... and then she ended it..

Is this... like.... ALL you do?

Other than photographing premieres, do I photography anything else?

Absolutely - indeed I've been doing a One Photo Per Day project for over seven years now, so by sheer mathematics I need to find non-Premiere things to photograph for over 300 days per year.

Other than that... I'm on twitter at @berndt2_photo can be contacted via the email below, or by phone if you have my number.