Why I'm (still) not sold on the new Star Wars movie

One Trailer and one Teaser in, and I can't begin to articulate why I'm still not sold, and I'm still not excited.

But now I think I can.

Back in the time of the Star Wars original trilogy, I was experiencing a story I enjoyed being told by somebody who was telling me a really good story, and it was a story that they really wanted to tell.

Then the prequel trilogy came along, and the story was being told to me by the same person but they'd changed and so had I, and it wasn't the story I wanted told, AND I didn't enjoy it, and the story kept referencing the original trilogy in ways I didn't like.

But here's the problem with the new Star Wars movie(s):

The person who's telling the story is giving every indication that their primary interest is in telling me the story THEY THINK I WANT TOLD, and they're also trying to ensure I'll stick around to hear them tell more stories in the future.

Neither of those things have anything to do with what I liked about the original Star Wars trilogy, and purely coincidentally they're also different to the things I didn't like about the prequels.

I think when an artist creates art explicitly for an audience, it diminishes the artistry because it's like they're doing something for Facebook likes and Retweets (or... you know... Box Office) rather than doing something because they truly want to. With a burning passion. There's a distinct difference between artistic drive and commercial drive, and it's noticeable.

I have no idea why the new movie gets to call itself "Star Wars", given the storyteller, owner, and objective in telling the story have all radically changed. Except in a legal sense, obviously. I mean, Pepsi could replace its product with UHT Long Life Milk tomorrow and claim that as the owner of the Pepsi Brand, they can bestow the Pepsi name to anything they want.

The thing is : if I do end up liking the new film(s), it will probably have less to do with it being a Star Wars film and more about it being a good film. If happen to like the taste of UHT Long Life Milk, that is.